Zidane's first daughter-in-law: Venezuelan influencer and activist

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The sons of Zinedine Zidane They had the pressure of everything that collects to carry that surname on their ID. In football, neither Enzo neither Luca they have shown too much in their short careers. From behind they come The O Y Elyaz in the quarry of Real Madrid, who hope to have more prominence in the first team than their two older brothers had. But, there is something in which the oldest has already taken a step forward: giving his first daughter-in-law to his father.

Karen Gonçalves She has been Enzo Zidane’s partner for two years, although it was in 2020 when they got engaged. The couple hopes to be able to formalize that link when the pandemic of the Covid-19 allow it, but the relationship is so strong that you can talk about it as one of the family. The player is currently without a team waiting to receive a new project after the Almeria terminate your contract.

Zidane’s future daughter-in-law was born in Valencia, but in the third largest city in Venezuela. The young woman lives in Spain since 2016, the year in which he arrived in Madrid. Its origins, in any case, are Portuguese. He left his country of birth due to the political crisis that the region has been experiencing for a long time. This question is one of the details that has marked his life since he is an activist of the movement Popular will, contrary to the government of Nicolas Maduro.

Karen has participated in all the opposition demonstrations that have taken place in Madrid since her arrival in the Spanish capital. So much so that on their social networks they have been able to see messages asking for the release of Leopoldo Lopez or contrary to the measures taken by the Venezuelan government. His Twitter profile has already disappeared and his personal account Instagram It is private, so since he has started this relationship and has started some personal projects he has abandoned this activity.

And it is that networks are very important in your professional life. His passion for health, sports and well-being have led him to set up his own business related to all this, being his professional profile on public Instagram and the only direct window to his way of life that can be found on social networks. He is an influencer and on this account his name is healthylifestylekg share recipes, image care products, exercise charts, and other tips for staying healthy.

This project was carried out during confinement. But a few months before, he launched his own online store. The brand Doterra focuses on the sale of essential oils for body care. Karen is one of the distributors of this company of US. In this way, the influencer tries to gain a foothold both in social networks and in the internet world in general.

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