Belgium team reveals new details about Hazard's injury

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Eden Hazard You will not undergo surgery and will recover from your psoas problems without having to be operated on. However, this new physical problem has generated some concern among fans. Both of the Real Madrid like Belgium, who hoped to be able to count on him in this March break. None of this can happen and from Hazard’s national team they have given new details of what happens to the forward.

Roberto Martinez, Belgian coach and one of the people who has the best relationship with Hazard for his work during these years, has made it clear that there is no tension with Real Madrid and that both parties are collaborating so that Hazard’s martyrdom ends as soon as possible. “There is no war“, Roberto Martínez has recognized who has stressed that everyone is” to try to find the best solution. “

The coach has ensured that when these types of injuries occur, “all possible options are sought” and one was “go through the operating room and rectify or remove the plaque.” According to the Spanish, “the expert’s medical vision is clear“And hence the need to undergo surgery to solve the problem has been ruled out.

All this does not affect that they have “a lot of confidence” that the forward will do a proper and positive rehabilitation so that he can play “before the end of the season.” In addition, Martínez believes that they will be able to do it by observing a Hazard “making a difference.” For the moment, his star will not be before Wales, Czech Republic and Belarus in the qualifying matches for the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

Some statements that are added to those made by Zinedine Zidane at the Real Madrid press conference. The merengue technician also confirmed that he would not undergo surgery and that they have opted for a different plan to put an end to Hazard’s physical problems. “What we want is for him to recover, well, totally. Not to go under the knife. We are going to have a different plan and we are working on it. I want as a coach, the player too, is for him to return well, fully recovered,” he stressed in the previous one of the league day.

A complicated year

Hazard’s ordeal has limited him excessively this season. The Belgian has only been able to dispute 14 matches And whenever he seemed to start to adapt to the rhythm of the competition, the striker began to notice physical discomfort. Three goals and little more than 600 minutes that have forced Zidane to seek solutions on the bench and Real Madrid and its medical services to change their plan to avoid further relapses.

In total, taking into account his casualties due to injury and his contagion of Covid-19, Hazard has missed 22 games with the merengue team. Vinicius, Rodrygo and Asensio Zidane’s options have been to replace him in the starting eleven and that will be the attacker’s other challenge once he returns from this latest complication.

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