Cristiano Ronaldo, with Juventus

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Cristiano Ronaldo has become one of the great defeated in the round of 16 of the Champions League. After the fall of the Juventus of Turin at the hands of PortMany are those who have pointed to the Portuguese crack as the great culprit of what happened.

The Portuguese was overcome and his gestures of frustration said it all. Cristiano signed for the Old lady after winning four Champions League in five years with the Real Madrid, the last three consecutively. And it was precisely after conquering The Thirteenth when he decided to leave the white house to lead Juventus to the European throne.

But it has not been that way. Liverpool Y Bayern Munich the next two won ‘Orejon’ and on this third opportunity, the bianconeri they have been out in the round of eighth. The most critical have been primed with the figure of Ronaldo to whom they demand more, even the insults of the speaker went around the world, although these for another reason.

Cristiano Ronaldo, with Juventus


Always in the spotlight and accustomed to the spotlight, Cristiano Ronaldo now finds himself in a difficult position … and with possibly the hours counted in Turin. At least that is what has been said in recent days, since Juve was eliminated.


As published Corriere dello Sport, Juventus of Turin is doing the math and for these to balance they have realized that the best thing is the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo. Not because of the money they can get with their transfer, but because of what they will save with their high token.

The squad black and white he disbursed 100 million euros to get Cristiano’s services. Now, he hopes to be able to sell him for around 29 ‘kilos’, since the 36 years of the Portuguese do not invite to think about a transfer of high proportions. The price may seem affordable, but it comes with your salary trap.

Cristiano Ronaldo, at Juventus in Turin - Champions League Porto

Cristiano Ronaldo, at Juventus in Turin – Champions League Porto


In addition, his contract ends in June 2022 and without intention to renew, the best thing for Juventus is to sell him this year, save a year of token and incidentally recover a few million with the movement. Going back to what it charges, right now Italy they put their salary at 64 million euros gross, something that very few clubs in the world would be willing to put on the table.

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