Erling Haaland, with Borussia Dortmund

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The crisis of the Covid-19 has critically affected the transfer market. In the last summer there have been very few big movements that have taken place, although this trend could begin to change in 2021. Clubs continue to suffer the negative consequences of having closed stadiums or the loss of sponsorships. One of them is the Borussia Dortmund, who could consider selling to Erling haaland for this question.

There are already several voices that indicate that this question could be transcendental when it comes to understanding that the Norwegian could change colors this summer. Once he Real Madrid has changed its strategy and wants to launch for a great star in 2021, the doors of this great club have been opened to the forward who continues to dazzle in Germany. It also has English clubs like the two of Manchester or the Chelsea, so options are not going to be lacking.

Hans-Joachim WatzkeCEO of Borussia Dortmund, has pointed out that they want to retain him, but that the economic issue is important and without the return of the public before the end of the season there would be more than one problem. “In the middle of a pandemic, I no longer rule out anything. But it is not necessarily the goal. The most important thing is the financial balance: we want to have a strong team on the field and, at the same time, be financially stable. If we are going to play without viewers during the next season, without a doubt we will have to think about selling a player. Because asking for a loan from the banks just to not sell a player is not going to be our way, “said the head of the German club in an interview in the middle Handlesblatt.

Erling Haaland, with Borussia Dortmund


It is clear that the issue of the pandemic is vital for this summer’s market to be more or less lively. Everything indicates that the situation will continue to improve and that, before the end of the season, the public will be able to be seen in the stands of some competitions. Germany, for the moment, has not allowed that possibility to be seen and this worries entities like Dortmund a lot. It is a clear threat that if this issue is not accelerated, his league will lose quality.

Economic question

The head of Dortmund explains what the situation is: “Our players continue to give up a certain percentage of their remuneration, so a possible reduced working hours for the rest of the company’s employees have been avoided so far. The money we are losing right now we won’t be able to get it back anytime soon. I think it will take at least five years to reach the status we had before the crisis. “

It is not that the situation of Real Madrid is buoyant, but it is true that they have kept their backs much better than other entities. While the reform of the stadium continues its course and will begin to be paid from 2023, the possibility of making a large contract is on the table. The best placed now seems Haaland, but we must not forget that the great wish is still Kylian Mbappé.

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