Erling Haaland celebrates one of his goals against Sevilla in the Champions League

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The Real Madrid does not lose attention of the transfer market. The merengue club knows that it must reinforce the squad for next season and is pointing names in its list of options. There are bargains like that of David Alaba, which has won the interest of half of Europe, and other more relevant investments such as Haaland, with the same sentiment as the Austrian regarding proposals. The young forward likes him a lot in the capital and, as the days go by, he seems the man of the market for Real Madrid.

Haaland meets some fundamental requirements to join the merengue project. The first, obviously, the quality. Haaland has already accumulated 31 goals so far this season. Figures that, compared to the 29 games he has played, reflect the potential scorer that the attacker is wearing this season. A different course, marked by the absence of fans in the stands and the postponements due to the Covid-19, in which Haaland has not lowered the piston.

The second requirement, also common in the latest Real Madrid incorporations, is that of youth involved in veterancy. Because Haaland, with only 20 years old, already knows what it is to lead a team in the elite of football. The Norwegian plays with his team, he is indisputable in the Dortmund and knows perfectly what it is to play matches in level competitions such as the Bundesliga or the Champions League. In his fight for the ‘Orejona’, in fact, he has scored 10 goals in six games. Figures that place him among the best scorers on the continent and that in recent days have gained more value.

Erling Haaland celebrates one of his goals against Sevilla in the Champions League


Haaland entered the pit with Mbappe after the Frenchman’s exhibition against Barcelona. But, in addition, he did the same in the Bundesliga against Bayern de Lewandowski. A constant demand that led him to sign a double in the first minutes of the game against a benchmark like the Pole. A whole revolution that confirms what the scorer is: a star of the present and with a great future.

Madrid bets on him

The merengue team wanted to bring together Haaland and Mbappé before 2022. It was the goal of Florentino Pérez’s men. However, the economic crisis generated by Covid-19 has made it necessary to modify the project plans. The two will not be able to coincide before that summer and Real Madrid will have to make decisions and discards to reinforce its squad.

As EL BERNABÉU learned, it is Haaland who has won the game. The Norwegian ends his contract in 2024, but from next year he has an exit clause that scares Dortmund somewhat. In addition, the relations between Madrid and the German team are very fluid and that would facilitate the operation. As if that were not enough, the 100 million euros that the transfer would cost would enter into the plans of the Chamartín team.

Erling haaland

The last to speak publicly has been a heavyweight of the white team. Sergio Ramos, captain of Real Madrid and perfectly aware of how the entity is managed, has acknowledged that he sees more feasible the arrival of Haaland to the capital than Mbappé. Because the French, although no one doubts his potential, has more difficult to leave a PSG that refuses to let him go and that, in addition, would not make his departure cheaper.

To this must be added the position of Dortmund. Because, while at PSG they put pressure on Mbappé to speak in public, at the German team they make it clear what their intentions are with Haaland. They want to keep you, but they won’t go financially crazy to do it. In addition, they are aware of the situation in the market and do not expect any dizzying offer -except for City and PSG-. With those, considering that Haaland sees the summer as a golden opportunity to make the big leap, his transfer does not seem mission impossible.

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