Erling Haaland, with Borussia Dortmund

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Erling haaland will mark in large part next summer in football. The transfer market has been paralyzed for practically a year due to the Covid-19. The big clubs have not been able to make movements and the recovery that little by little is presenting to the situation of these invites to think that some war could be fought during the summer period by a player. The Norwegian is the object of desire of many entities and some do not want to wait any longer.

The Real Madrid He is one of those who aims at the forward and the winks between them are continuous. The Norwegian has shown some details on his social networks that invite you to think about his preference for the merengue club. Also, since Shell Thorn you begin to think that the best option is to go for Haaland, since it is understood that its operation is simpler than that of Kylian Mbappé, the other great desired by both the fans and the entity.

But in Europe there are many who already imagine Haaland with his shirt. The first great war with Joan Laporta as president of the Barça, since from his management team it is estimated that they will go for him. In the Premier there is also a fight between the two teams of Manchester, the United and the City, with his father’s past and relationship with Solskjaer as the first questions to consider. In addition, the Bayern he does not renounce his figure as a substitute for Lewandowski.

Erling Haaland, with Borussia Dortmund


What is clear is that everyone values ​​his progression and his present. The last to do so was Thierry henry. The French forward was in ‘Monday Night Football‘, the program of Sky Sports, where he wielded the opinion he has about the forward. “He has a bit of pride, if I can use that word. They look at the defenders in plan: you will not be able to live with me. He does not want to do anything other than score goals, that is his way of thinking,” said the former striker of the Arsenal.

The now coach is clear that he would want a player like him in his ranks. “Other players drop to the band, but he wants to be close to the goal. Between the posts, he knows that he is lethal. He is very powerful, he simply wants to come from behind and the way he ends is amazing,” argued the Frenchman . Surely he will recommend it to Barça, through which he also went and through which some say his future could pass.

Meanwhile, it only remains to enjoy it in Champions and in Bundesliga. It should be remembered that his contract with Dortmund is until 2024, but next year an exit clause will be activated that more than one team could take advantage of if they close the door this year. The economic crisis generated by Covid-19, as well as the intentions of Haaland himself, will be some of the keys that determine his next team.

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