Nacho Fernández, with the pink Real Madrid shirt

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Nacho Fernandez went from having one foot out of the Real Madrid to be a key piece in the white team this season. The footballer has been able to take advantage of his opportunities to perfection and already has 1,707 minutes among the 20 games he has participated to date.

The player was low by the Covid-19 and during an interview for The transistor of Zero Wave He has pointed out that he lost “taste and smell”, adding, in addition, that he has not yet “fully recovered” them. Afterwards, the center-back spoke about one of the news of the day at the White House: the injury of Faith Valverde.

“Yes, I have been with him this afternoon. It seems that it is ‘little’ thing. We were talking now about even a little what you have, for what is coming, it is not good. But, well, I think it is not a A very important injury. Let’s hope that when the competition returns, he will be with us, “Nacho commented.

Spanish selection

Your name has not been included by Luis Enrique In the call of the Spanish team for the national team break this March: It doesn’t hurt me not to be in the national team but I feel sorry for it. Logically it makes me sad. I know what it is to be in the National Team, I know what it is to live those moments and, logically, in this call I had hope because I had come from playing many games in a row “.

Nacho Fernández, with the pink Real Madrid shirt

The league

“Hence the hope. But I know that there are very good players and the coach has to decide between players who are doing very well. This time it has not touched me, but I have to keep fighting, there are still games left,” he continued explaining the Spanish soccer player.

“I am happy about the situation I am living in Madrid, but with a little regret for not being able to go with the National Team. I will continue fighting. If Luis Enrique has done something, it is that he does not marry anyone, so I do not lose the hope to go, “added Nacho Fernández on this issue.

Real Madrid

Nacho has been at Real Madrid all his life, the club of his life: “When I was little I used to say I hope I can play for Real Madrid … now I have played more than 200 games and I am very happy defending this shirt, I hope I can do it for a long time. “And the player is feeling very well.

“I am very confident, settled, it has been a very good year for me personally. It would be a dream to finish my career at Real Madrid. Last year I was more out than in the team but football has turned a lot. ¿ Renew? When summer arrives I will sit down with the coach and the club and we will make the best decision, “he said about his present and future.

His decision will depend, to a large extent, on what happens in the summer and with the transfer market: “Obviously, if a player arrives in my position, it influences my decision for the future; for me the most important thing is to know the opinion of my coach and my club and to make a decision from peace of mind.”

Another questions

Nacho also had time to talk about the striker who had the hardest time defending: “A striker who has always had a hard time stopping is Harry Kane, he is very difficult to defend, he is very strong.” In addition to sending a message to the eternal rivals: “Atleti and Barça would love to be playing in the Champions League; we want to do very well in both competitions.”

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