Messi and Pedri

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Pedri has returned to talk about the test that passed to be a player of the Real Madrid and that did not exceed. It was an interview on the program You will say of RAC1. “I was lucky to end up in the team I want,” he says in this regard. In addition, it also talks about Ronald Koeman, who soon gave way to the first team.

“He surprised me a lot because I thought he was not what he is. He is a guy who bets a lot for the quarry, who gives us advice so that we can improve, above all, that we enjoy what we are doing. And if you enjoy it, you will come out much better, “he says about how Koeman is as a coach.

And of his main supporter at Barça he also talks about his possible continuity: “It is not a decision that I have to make, but I would like him to continue. If he does not continue for whatever reason, I wish him all the luck in the world, because it has given me a lot of confidence this season. “

About the test with Madrid in which he was rejected, he said the following: “I already told him in an interview that thanked him. At the beginning those days that I went there I looked at the shield when I put on that kit and I knew something was wrong. It was going well, but hey, in the end I was lucky to end up on the team I want, “he says.


Pedri was also asked about Leo Messi, on his state of mind: “When the results come out, he is happier. Like everyone else in the squad.”

And he does not want to get wet about the options that the Argentine remains: “I prefer not to talk about it with him. It is a decision that he has to make. And we, to enjoy him while he is here. Of course, I know It remains for many more years. He is the one who has to make the decision and I don’t get involved there.

Surprise with Iniesta

From another myth, Andrés Iniesta, recognizes that he is his idol. Have you been able to speak with him ?: “We have spoken at some time, but on the phone. I have not had the pleasure of meeting him in person.” And the program had a surprise prepared for the Canarian footballer, a message from Iniesta himself:

“I wanted to wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the season and also congratulate you and wish you luck for this selection call, that you enjoy it and that everything goes great. A hug,” says the manchego in his message to Pedri.

Pedri was very grateful after listening to Andrés. “Hearing these words fill you with strength to continue working. And it is a pride,” he commented.



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