Sergio Ramos protests Figueroa Vázquez for a penalty not called

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Some will not want to assume it, but the Real Madrid is only six points from Atlético de Madrid in league standings. When not long ago the rojiblancos found themselves with a comfortable income and pending matches, many claimed that there was no longer a league. Well, the white giant is back, taking the many blows he takes, swapping his old glass jaw for a tough steel chin and scoring points in this championship match.

In addition, although now it may seem almost a trifle, the whites also have the golaveraje won from the ‘Cholo’ Simeone team. How good was the Argentine coach in not talking about being the favorite to win The league. He himself knew that putting his team back game after game he could not aspire to a calm final stretch of the course. The technician of the Atlético de Madrid you already have what you wanted, Barça and Madrid on his heels to be able to have excuses in the face of what seems to be his umpteenth disaster. As if this were not enough, in Champions it is also with one foot out of the rooms.

However, the colchoneros are receiving in recent weeks a lifeline that gives more points than the best striker or the safest goalkeeper. The arbitration team has proposed to be the best player of the rojiblanco team and that Luis Suarez Y Marcos Llorente placeholder image They have made it difficult for them with two superb seasons, precisely two footballers who could be considered as discards of azulgranas and whites.

What has happened in the last two league games has touched the grotesque, and always with Real Madrid as the protagonist and with Atlético de Madrid as a great beneficiary. To go with the latest, Figueroa Vazquez Y Soto Grade they can go home happy after not having called the clamorous penalty committed on Sergio Ramos in the match against him Elche.

Sergio Ramos protests Figueroa Vázquez for a penalty not called

Yes to Alvaro Cervera placeholder image They sanctioned him with several games for talking about a clear penalty in a Cadiz – Granada, which could fall to Real Madrid players or Zinedine Zidane If they had been a little harsher, it could have been brutal, and the maximum penalty committed on the captain is one of the clearest in years.

Flagrant grab, almost judo key and man to the ground. Sergio was so convinced of the infraction that he urged the referee to go see him and stayed at the penalty spot thinking that they were going to whistle him and that he was going to shoot him. Neither Figueroa Vázquez pointed it out nor Soto Grado, after reviewing it, gave him instructions to go to the monitor. Scandal served with Madrid playing against the Elche team. Luckily Benzema showed up and fixed the mess.

The really serious thing is that this situation is not new, since the whites come from another very serious failure against Atlético de Madrid. The famous penalty of Philip by hand when Casemiro was only to mark within the small area still stings in Chamartin. It would have meant a victory in the derby and now being only three points behind, dealing an even greater moral blow to Simeone’s men.

To complete the function has been the penalty that they have stolen this Saturday from Getafe in their duel against the colchoneros. Maksimovic was about to finish off a ball on goal after taking a corner kick and DembeleIn a clumsy action, very typical of forwards when they come down to defend, he blocked him in the air, avoiding his shot and committing another clear penalty. But this one did not play whistle either. This is the ‘dangerously prepared’ league that Simeone was talking about a few years ago.

Real Madrid, fed up

These controversial and unfair decisions have ended up angering Real Madrid, which clearly feels slighted and hurt in the fight for La Liga. They know that with this type of arbitration it is almost impossible to compete for the title, since the aid to Atlético de Madrid is being really scandalous. If Felipe’s thing hurt a lot, this Saturday’s combo with a penalty on Ramos and the non-whistle of Dembélé has been the last straw.

Alejandro Hernández Hernández, during an international match

Alejandro Hernández Hernández, during an international match


In the club they bite their tongues publicly, but it is inevitable that some like Emilio Butragueño o Zidane, probably the two people who have spoken the least about umpires in this country in the history of the league, end up exploding in their own way. The ‘Vulture’ He already did it against the terrible performance of Hernandez Hernandez in the derby, an acquaintance in the white house, and Zidane has not shied away from the opportunity to claim that today had been, again, a penalty.

At Real Madrid they are aware of this constant abuse and even so they are going to try to fight for a league that had become complicated, which has come closer, but which should be much closer if the arbitrations had done justice. This final stretch has become a recreation of the famous league of the burning nail won with Capello on the bench and with Jose Antonio Reyes Y Diarra in the field, and which promises to be even more complicated than the one raised last year in the midst of the pandemic.

The season has been really tortuous due to the health situation, the continuous casualties and injuries and the irregular course of the team that has led the club’s management to make the decision to go on the market this summer. However, with all that, Real Madrid still deserves to fight this league on equal terms with the rest, something that the refereeing establishment is not willing to allow. But do not count on this Real Madrid led by Karim Benzema and on the warpath, going to surrender.

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