Sergio Ramos, during a Real Madrid training session

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Sergio Ramos will break his silence this Thursday. He will do it with the fashionable streamer, Ibai Llanos. The captain of the Real Madrid It will be released in a format in which until now it has not been seen, passing through the channel of Twitch from Ibai on her talk show Chatting quietly. Will follow in the footsteps of Gerard Piqué, who launched this section a few weeks ago.

The question everyone is asking is: will Sergio Ramos say something about his renewal? The interview, broadcast live, can be followed from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday on the channel of Twitch of Ibai. However, a couple of hours before, at 5:00 p.m., we will have an aperitif of what the Real Madrid center-back has to say.

Ramos will present his new documentary this Thursday. On Thursday afternoon he will take her, first, with a press conference before the media and then with his interview with Ibai Llanos on the platform Twitch.

Ibai Llanos’ interview program is characterized by a format of long talks (around two hours long), in which the streamer he intends to speak in a relaxed way with his guest, instead of an interview to use. Sergio Ramos will be the sixth guest, following in the footsteps of Gerard Piqué Y With Aguero, plus content creators The Xokas Y AuronPlay and the Argentine artist Nicki nicole.

Sergio Ramos, during a Real Madrid training session

Sergio Ramos will premiere in Amazon a new documentary, The Legend of Sergio Ramos. It will consist of six chapters and will show unpublished images of the conquest of the last League, will review his long professional career and will discuss his future plans, although it has not been revealed if his decision to renew with Real Madrid will be among them or terminate his white stage.

That Ramos can announce his future in the presentation of his documentary or in his talk with Ibai Llanos adds more tension to the soap opera of its renewal. For now, there is nothing clear about his continuity or his departure from Madrid, with teams like him PSG in the focus of rumors.

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