Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga

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In England there is talk of the disagreement between Jurgen Klopp Y Mohamed salah, as well as the possible departure of the Egyptian international from Liverpool during the transfer window of the summer period. This is why in an interview for ONsport, cable channel Egypt, Javier Tebas has been asked about the possible arrival of the footballer to a great of Spanish football.

“An arrival of Mohamed Salah to La Liga? With the current financial situation, it is very unlikely that Liverpool will sell Mohamed Salah or that a club will sign a big one this summer. I hope he will join La Liga, but I do not expect that there are transfers of a lot of money this summer “, has indicated Tebas.

Precisely, the president of The league has remembered the Premier league, considering that the Spanish championship is at the same level as the English: “La Liga is at the same level that the Premier League, the difference is the audience, they have more in Europe and we have our huge base in the Middle and Far East. “

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga


Hence the impact of the pandemic Covid-19: “We knew that the pandemic would end and everything would return to normal, we had to focus on how to resume the league without fans, so we put a protocol to save the basics of the game, with the help of everyone in the federation and all the teams , of course. We didn’t know it would take so long – to play without fans. “

“Losses reached 2,000 million euros, but we reduced them to 1,000 million and 100,000 euros due to the reduction of some expenses. If we continue to witness a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases, maybe the fans will return,” added Javier Thebes.

Cristiano and Messi

Nor has he forgotten the goodbye of Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid: “Cristiano’s departure from Real Madrid was a club decision, I have no right to say anything, but I always prefer to have the best players in La Liga. The same happened with Neymar before, Cristiano was the top scorer in La Liga and His departure affected us, but financially the impact was minimal because we prepared well for this moment. “

Thus linking the issue with the possible departure of Leo messi of Barcelona in summer: “He couldn’t leave Barcelona due to an agreement in his contract, but as I said about Cristiano Ronaldo, we are also financially prepared for that moment. El Clásico? This match should not be affected by the departure of two players. Cristiano’s did not affect El Clásico and Messi shouldn’t affect him either. “


After the last great controversy with the arbitration, Javier Tebas explained that “Real Madrid and Barcelona always accuse the WHERE of partiality, but because of the great competitiveness between the two clubs. “To conclude that his inclination for Real Madrid does not affect” at all “:” I always prioritize my work, I did not harm any player or any club. “

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