Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal with Juventus

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It’s in Italy, It’s in Spain and it is in the whole world. Everybody talks about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese is being strongly criticized in the transalpine country for his image in Champions League during the three seasons he has been in the Juventus. The Italian club is not going through its best economic situation and that is also opening the doors. There are many who place him back in the orbit of the Real Madrid, and that has liked Javier Tebas.

The president of The league has gone to Europa Press Sports Breakfast in which this Wednesday the protagonist was Carmelo Ezpeleta. In addition to talking about the motor industry, he has also received several questions about football news that he has not avoided and this is what he has expressed about the Portuguese. “Cristiano Ronaldo continues to make a difference, he is still a genius and a crack and he is a man made in Madrid and it would be nice,” snapped a Tebas happy with those rumors.

It was not the only market name that came out at the conference. Erling haaland Y Kylian Mbappé they are the great ones desired in Europe. Even so, Thebes finds it difficult for them to reach Spain. “It is very unlikely or unlikely that these players could be in The league. I wish they could come, but you have to be realistic. I do not believe that either of these two players are present, “explained the president of the football club association of First Y Second division.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal with Juventus


For now, he still has a great star in his league. The future of Leo messi is up for debate in Can Barça and Thebes trusts that Laporta can get it. “Convincing Messi is one of his functions, it is important. But the most important thing, for the club and for the players and for Messi, is that the club had a president. Also for the financial world and the institutions of football,” explained the President of LaLiga after confirming that the endorsement would arrive this Wednesday and that there will be no problems for him to be inaugurated president.

This is the market

As counted Jorge Calabres in ‘The Bunker‘ of THE BERNABÉU, the chances of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the Real Madrid shirt again at this time are “zero”. The only thing these rumors do is confirm that the Portuguese was confused when he wanted to leave the white club in 2018. In order to return, the Portuguese would have to lower the card too much, in addition to the fact that the club would have to undertake a payment that is reserved for others operations.

The club wants to make an important effort so that this summer a great reinforcement comes to the club. All eyes are on Haaland and Mbappé. The first is more feasible than the second because of its price, the situation and the relationships with the Borussia Dortmund. Even so, the Frenchman remains an object of desire and new events are expected that may facilitate his hiring in either 2021 or 2022.

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