Real Madrid players celebrate the goal with Benzema

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Sport is vibrant, changing, surprising. A few months ago, few would have ventured that the men of Zidane they would be in rooms of the Champions and those of Laso boldly pursuing those of the Euroleague. Not only the results, but also the signals that both teams transmit send different sensations: the incalculable and substantial difference between confidence and anxiety.

Benzema and company closed a week with the reward of tranquility. Victory over him Celtic confirmed the emotional, confident moment of the team. That calm and talented transit through the encounters that tells his rivals that Madrid with the quick and lethal thrust has returned. No matter what happens in the game, the Madridistas maneuver with an alloy of self-sufficiency and forcefulness, with outbreaks of genius that leave the rival behind.

It happened to Elche, to the Atalanta and, last, to Celtic. Madrid appeared in Bullets with the conviction of closing a good game. For thirty minutes he dazzled any spectator, including Celtic footballers, who devoted themselves to contemplating the technique and aim of their rivals. When he wanted to react, with determination and class, the party already had an owner. The clock showed half an hour of confrontation.

Real Madrid players celebrate the goal with Benzema


Real Madrid has a team with a hand of players among the best in the world. They are the ones who give you the instant power, the unforeseen resolution, the aforementioned forcefulness. At his side, some young veterans with trade and others in an attractive process of boiling. With them you get solidity, on the one hand; imagination and surprise, on the other.

Maybe it’s Vinicius the lightning that best embodies this dichotomy. He reached 35 km / hour with the ball on the wing to finish centering into the void. However, I have no doubt that its continuous buzz and its disconcerting wonders open spaces and displace, in addition to Benzema, the rival defense, unable to guess what will come.

Almost the opposite of what we are talking about happens to Laso’s men. They have lost most of the differential players. For focusing on this season: Campazzo, Llull, Rudy Y Randolph. With the first three and the inevitable decline of Felipe Reyes, also part of the character of the team has vanished. There are very bright and heavy players left, but they do not have the immense capacity to transmit emotions that those mentioned have.

Even with the loss of quality and character, Real Madrid has fought with enormous dignity, very close to them, against him FC Barcelona and with him CSKA, whom he has forced to play his best basketball. No one can deny them their excessive dedication and their fight until the last second. And the team continues to improve after the recovery of Thompkins Y CarrollAlthough, it hardly has a margin of safety.



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