The day that Benzema was able to change Real Madrid for Juventus:

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Karim Benzema it was not easy to adapt to Real Madrid. The Frenchman arrived in 2009 with significant signings such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaká. They were established in the elite, but the French had to confirm the merengue bet. The first campaign cost him and he barely performed at the expected level. The doubts arrived and they extended during more campaigns. In fact, the pressure was such that he was even able to sign for the Juventus. Months after arriving in the capital, the Gaul had the opportunity to have gone to Italy.

This has been revealed Marchisio, one of the great references of Italian football in recent years. In an interview for the channel YouTube Chronicles of Stripping, the former Juventus player has revealed that this operation was probed in 2009 when Ciro Ferrara I trained the Old lady. The coach did not last long, because in 2010 he was dismissed, but he studied the signing of Karim.

Is a great player“, Marchisio assured in said interview.” I think it was very close to Juventus the year in which Ciro Ferrara led the team. “That moment was not easy for the Frenchman.” He was not doing very well at Madrid, “he recalled. And, therefore, in Turin they set their eyes on a player for then very young and with a lot of potential. “Nothing came of that, it’s a shame“.

And it is that time has shown that Real Madrid was not wrong with Karim. “After Cristiano’s farewell, he is the only one who marks,” he stressed on the YouTube channel. The Gaul, past four Champions harvested and the numerous titles with the merengue shirt, he has gone from scoring only nine goals in 2009/2010 to leading 23 so far this season this year. A growth that has not gone unnoticed by anyone and that has placed it as one of the ‘9’ of reference in the world.

Juventus dream

That operation could not be closed more than ten years ago, but Juventus’ dream continues. In fact, until a few months ago the Frenchman has continued to make headlines in the transalpine press. And it is that the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo made Turin dream of rebuilding the lead that gave Real Madrid so much success. Without Bale, but with a partner that has always shown great understanding on the pitch, such as the Portuguese and the French.

Italian media went so far as to explain that Benzema was an express request from Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. Specifically to Pirlo, who took over the team after Sarri’s dismissal as coach. The former player had to take over the French striker in order to succeed. Time has given the reason slightly to those rumors: Juventus has been eliminated from the Champions and he has almost no chance of winning Serie A.

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