José Mourinho, in a Tottenham match

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Jose Mourinho He is one of the greatest characters in the history of football. Also, one of the best technicians. He didn’t need to be a good footballer to be a great strategist and demolish the myth that if you don’t know how to kick the ball, you can’t understand this job. The Portuguese has always been a world reference, although sometimes his controversial personality has played him badly.

However, if it has been characterized by something, it is by winning where it has gone. Now, you are not going through your prime in the Tottenham after having signed a stellar course start. However, the Spurs remain confident of turning the tables, being able to enter European competitions and win the Europa League to be in the next edition of the Champions.

Mourinho has widely triumphed in England, in Italy, in Portugal and also in Spain, where he is well known for his passage through the Real Madrid. In the white club he left very good things and others not so good, but without a doubt he helped the whites to regain their competitive gene and to return to being a feared rival in Europe. It is not unfortunate to affirm that the first spark of the great Madrid that could be seen with Ancelotti Y Zidane he lit it, especially in his first two years.

José Mourinho, in a Tottenham match


In those seasons on the white bench, Mourinho found lovers and detractors, supporters and people who wanted his departure from the first second to the last. However, despite criticism and attacks, Mourinho did not change and remained faithful to a philosophy and a personality. Both of these have led him, many years later, to continue defending Real Madrid and to be a great lover of the white club and all of Madridismo.

A player who shared a dressing room with him in his first two years with Real Madrid has revealed how he dealt with him and what the real Jose Mourinho was like in short distances, even at the time when he had to tell him that the best thing was abandon the discipline of the white club.

Discovering ‘Mou’

“He is an incredible coach. I had him for two seasons at Real Madrid. He is an honest guy and I think that almost all the players who have worked with him do not speak ill of him. That means that he always protects his players.”

This player is about Rafael van der Vaart and thus he has spoken about the Portuguese technician in the program talkSPORT2, where he has even recounted how his departure from Real Madrid began to take place, which was driven by the arrival of a dazzling Mesut Ozil.

Van der Vaart and Cristiano in a Real Madrid match.  Photo: Instagram (@rafaelvdvaart)

Van der Vaart and Cristiano in a Real Madrid match. Photo: Instagram (@rafaelvdvaart)

“At that moment he said to me ‘Rafa, I’m going to buy Özil, so I think you’d better leave the club. If you stay, that’s fine too, but you’re too good to be on the bank. Try to go somewhere else. ‘And I went to Tottenham“.

Who is now at Tottenham is Jose Mourinho himself and there he has fulfilled one of his great wishes, to be able to sign a player like Gareth Bale who, after a difficult start to the course, now flies over the pitch: “I’m happy that he’s back at Spurs, but I’m happier with what he’s doing now because I think he’s a great player. He did a lot for Real Madrid and he deserved what he is getting now and I hope he continues like this. “

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