Modric pass sanctioned as a foul on Tapia by Melero López

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80th minute of the match between Celtic vigo and the Real Madrid at Balaidos Stadium. 1-2 on the scoreboard in favor of the white team and foul in favor of the Vigo team. Very dangerous on the goal of Thibaut Courtois. Iago Aspas executed the throw that was licking the stick after Casemiro just head off the ball just enough.

So far it could have been just one more play in any one game. Dangerous foul against the rival goal, but it all came from a foul that should never have been whistled. And this may be the first time that a player has been penalized with a foul for giving a pass. Yes, for giving a pass.

Luka Modric He had the ball at his feet when he went to make a pass to a teammate. At that moment he slips and collides with a Wall that was passing by. Well then, Melero Lopez, before the incredulous gaze of the white footballers, this Saturday in black, he signaled a foul in favor of Celta.

Modric pass sanctioned as a foul on Tapia by Melero López

The Real Madrid players exploded when they saw what happened and Modric, always correct and respectful of the refereeing body, could be seen out of their boxes. What happened was no wonder, since he even saw the yellow card for this play, for this pass that inexplicably ended up in a foul for Melero López.

It must be remembered that unlike on other occasions that the Whites have been harmed by arbitration decisions this season, as well as in previous years, the WHERE He could not do anything, since it is not a play for which he has ‘jurisdiction’.

The frustration and anger could have escalated had it not been for the melon not exploding. That light touch of Casemiro so that the ball ended up hitting the post, ended up being a savior. Real Madrid managed to prevail in Balaídos and did so by extending its advantage on the scoreboard to 1-3 definitive due to the goal scored on the horn of Marco Asensio.

Another mistake to the list

This ruling by Melero López did not cause blood to flow because the three points went to those of Zinedine Zidane. But if Iago Aspas had scored the free-kick, and it was very close to being a goal, Celta would have found a draw with ten minutes remaining. What would have happened then? No one can know anymore.

The error did not cause Real Madrid to leave points on the road for the fight for the League title. But he does nothing more than agree with that current, increasingly numerous, which confirms that the white team is being seriously harmed so far this year by arbitration decisions.

You just have to look back at the last few days to demonstrate this refereeing trend against Real Madrid. Last weekend, those of Zidane received the Elche at Alfredo Di Stéfano. Then the meringues also ended up winning the match, with a comeback included and again with a Benzema savior, but the controversy came from the hand of a very clear penalty not indicated on Sergio Ramos.

Marcone knocks down Sergio Ramos in the Elche area but the VAR does not give a penalty

Marcone knocks down Sergio Ramos in the Elche area but the VAR does not give a penalty


Marcone He clearly knocked down the captain of Real Madrid, who he grabbed by the arm to prevent him from finishing with his head, all this, in addition, with the tie at 0 still showing on the scoreboard. The most scandalous thing about this action is that Figueroa Vazquez he neither saw it in the first instance nor did the VAR consider it to be action worthy of a penalty.

Incomprehensible for everyone and especially for a Sergio Ramos who blurted out the following to the main referee of the match: “He has not broken my arm miraculously. Look at it, I’m asking you please. Penalty like a house. “” It’s very clear, look at it. I’m going to stay here because I’m going to throw it away, you’ll see, “the one from Beds continued to tell him, but from the VAR they didn’t warn Figueroa Vázquez that he had to go to the monitor because he had made a” clear and obvious ” called penalty.

Sergio Ramos asks for a penalty against Elche

Zidane, always restrained with regard to this type of decision, in which he always maintains a line of respect towards the referee’s work, this time he did say that “there was something”: “I’m not going to go in there again. The referee does his job and we try to do ours. I saw the play and well … it seems to us that there is something, but the referee has decided otherwise and that’s it. “

Continuing to go back in time, there is, just one day before, another penalty not called in favor of Real Madrid, this time in the Derby in front of Athletic, which ended in a tie from which the main beneficiary was the Barcelona. It all happened before the break in the Metropolitan Wanda.

Kroos bounced a corner and the ball ended up hitting the arm of Philip. Only Casemiro was waiting at the far post, who if the ball had reached him, he would practically only have had to push it to beat Oblak. The most striking thing here was that if for Hernandez Hernandez there was nothing, yes for the VAR.

Penalty not called in favor of Real Madrid

Penalty not called in favor of Real Madrid

The VAR warned the Canarian referee that he had made a mistake and that he had to review the images because it was a penalty, at least from what they thought from the video arbitration room. Hernández Hernández then went to the Wanda band to see the action on the monitor, but when he returned to the field he did not whistle anything.

Suspicions immediately set Real Madrid on fire. Why? Well, because this is the first time that Hernández Hernández reviews an image after being warned by the VAR that he had made a mistake and does not rectify his decision as it was shown that he had not been successful live.

Hernández Hernández was even more portrayed after The Golazo rescue some of his statements in ‘Friends of Arbitration’: “When they call you to see the screen, it is the VAR colleague who decides if you have made a clear and manifest error and if you have to go or not, once he calls you it is because the colleague seeing the images has seen that you have made a clear and obvious mistake. “

“You analyze the play, sometimes some take longer than others, but you simply analyze the play, you detect the error that your partner has detected before, modify the decision and go. It’s like a safety net that gives you that second chance to modify. an erroneous decision, that if the VAR did not exist you could not modify “, indicated at that time a Hernández Hernández whose registration was taken for his arbitrations against the white club.

The decisions that harm Real Madrid happen and the worst thing is that it is more and more frequent. In recent weeks there is no Zidane game in which at least one badly sanctioned action against the meringues has not been recorded. And this is something that has been happening throughout 2020/2021.

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